Thursday, May 26, 2011

unleashing college student buying power

well, I've officially committed to becoming a college student after the age of 40. I had my first classes this week. one is "how to be a great student" required for anyone who has to take a brush up course. (sadly, 20+ years out of school has left me *ehem* lacking in my math). Second one is intro to algebra. Third is Art History.

While purchasing the overpriced books for said classes, I discovered that Financial Aid is a marvelous thing. It pays for EVERYTHING in the bookstore. Did I mention that they had Vera Bradly bags there???? HA ha ha.... No. I didn't get a bag. Wasn't even tempted because:
Yes boys and girls, I scored a bamboo pen and touch tablet! available from Wacom. Get yours here.

yes, I fell for it immediately. Like some lonely sucker at the animal welfare, I adopted a black one!

my first clumsy attempts at using the pressure pen are shown below.
I expect great reviews from my critics.

here's the original picture

Here's what it looks like after I have spent approximately 3 minutes messing around with my pen without reading any instructions because I'm too impatient to do so:


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The Oracle said...

Impressive, as usual.