Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mr Hanky Supreme

In my mind, the best Mr. Hanky ever. Period. The Supreme Hanky!
Visit this site for even better art laughs.

My new earrings

My new lovely earrings that go with every damn outfit I own... These are the best thing. Give a girl a pair of earrings, and some lip gloss, and you will be surprised what she can get accomplished.

Mr. Hanky Goobertown

Merry Christmas Maria!
Jacob and Judd made the Goobertown Christmas Farm 'Mascot' for my friend Maria. I will eventually get these to her.
L-R: Goobertown mascot, Mr. Hanky, and finally, Mr. Hanky Goobertown.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Judd took a wipe-out in Arkansas. Catching himself on his face.
He looks much better now, but at the time, he had severe road rash.

back home again

Indiana on December 17th was full of the cold wet stuff.
Here's what greeted me on my return home.
The Chimnea was under about 5" of snow.

The long ride home

After a long weekend in Arkansas, I traveled from mid 30's- 40's weather there, to mid 20's here. (ok, this photo was taken in central illinois, but close enough.) The snow storm I had evaded on Friday night indeed hit the central midwest with a vengance and coated the world with white.