Thursday, August 27, 2009

Multimedia message

My unexpected guest at the velodrome - John Flora!

Multimedia message

Highly reccomended-- and cool package!

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Jim's warming up at the Velodrome!

Jim prepares for a race

Jim is preparing to race at the Major Taylor Velodrome tonight for the 2nd time. He is a stickler for details and you can tell by the way he cares for his bike and equipment. I'll get a chance to use my new Nikon D-60 that I got at Robert's Camera shop in Carmel. This will be my first opportunity to take some live action shots and I'm anxious to try out a few different settings with ISO and F-stops just to see the results. So, barring any thunderstorms prior to 7PM we'll be there racing!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sexy tomato

"yeah, that's it, give us your *sexy* look!"

Judd's lashes

Judd's unbelievably long lashes.

Morning mist

Sunrise coming into work today, there was a heavy fog settled over the town of New Market. I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the *floating* water tower. Weather is unseasonably cold for this time of year. Just over 60.

A few photos from the NEW Nikon D-60!

Using the telephoto 55-200 lens.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

the bean rows

How many beans again? I'm standing halfway down the rows of beans at my folks farm. Mom stated "I'm done canning beans!" so I'm picking beans. You can see the sweetcorn patch at the end of the rows of beans... 16 rows of ripe-right-now sweet corn.

Swing! - Fore!

Jacob takes a 'whack' at it while we're playing at the Turkey Run Golf Course this weekend.

sweet corn by the bucket

Lots and lots of corn.
I got two 5 gallon buckets of corn from Mom & Dad's 'little' garden patch.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Multimedia message

Poster I created for the local theatre

Farewell Doug Hunt

Above is Doug Hunt, life long journalist in Montgomery County area, most recently with the Journal Review. This is the type of image that many will remember of Doug when they think of him. He's at work, with a camera, a notebook and a pen - observing those around him. Doug was never without these items, they personified his life as a journalist. This picture was taken by me on October 1st, 2007 at the General Lew Wallace Study Museum Art Day for children.
I was there with my kids, having a good time, and I thought to myself... "Now there's Doug Hunt. I don't think very many people have a picture of Doug working... doing what he does best", and I snapped the picture with my little point and shoot Sony.

Doug passed away August 4, 2009.
His services are being handled by Machledt & Servies Funeral Home in Waveland, IN.
Viewing for family and friends is from 4-8 p.m. today, Thursday, August 6th.
The funeral is Friday, August 7th at 10 a.m.
Online condolences can be sent to

Godspeed Doug. May your notebook never be full.

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