Saturday, June 28, 2008

Evening Out

Jim at the new outdoor 'sand bar' @ a country a fair

Artsy Dinner Out

Dinner at 'A country a fair'. I love this place!
This is just one of the great paintings offered at my fav restaurant. Giant Allium's featured on a 3'x4' canvas.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chicken and Chi-Chi's commercial

chicken & chi chi's commercial
OMG! I have finally found the TV commercial that is so funny- online. My husband and I have had a secret humorous dialog regarding this commercial for at least a month. I have been searching everywhere for it and finally found it today. Anyone with a 4 year old will appreciate the humor! Kids tend to be very repetative with their demands until you answer them.... this commercial hits that right on the nose. Visit:

Takes quicktime and a pretty good connection speed, but so worth it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

sunset rider

BMW on way back from indy, fully loaded and a Canadian flag patch on the back of his jacket. He was headed west on I74 by Brownsburg.
Well i'm on my way to the super specialist again today. It's 2:10.... The dr. Will see me as patient load allows. So i imagine that by 330

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I really am as smart as I thought

Free IQ Tests - Free IQ Tests

I know those online IQ tests can be subjective, and very skewed. But I am proud of myself. 146! I took the test several times, of course. Cheating at least once and getting a score of 117 for my efforts. So somewhere between 117 and 146.. What a broad range!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Bang Theory

Cool pyrotechnics at the office

A sales team member brought these to me in the office. Apparently one of their clients insisted that they take it with them out of the store as a thank you for helping them with advertising. The sales member 'Doesn't allow' these sort of fire works at their home. I said, "Great, leave 'em on my desk. I'll put them right next to my cannon."


You can see the original miles on the odometer. Miles we've put on it below.
We've had this machine running, but it's on the outs for now due to lack of battery and a tendancy to lock up the front brake.
I hate making nose dives.

Out of the dark

My barn fresh 1975? Suzuki gt185 with less than 400 original miles. Fun bike.

chipping away

Our big tree is getting smaller by the day. Several days on the chainsaw and chipper have left us with a path to the barn, finally.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Like fish in a barrel

Boys find fish at lake holiday spillway

stormy weather

Recent tornatic weather in Indiana did not spare my property on Friday.
We have 7 trees down on the immediate property and 2 more in East edge of the pond. The Dam seems to be holding up well.
Over 2 inches of rain has fallen in our immediate area. Up to 8 inches to the south of us in the Terre Haute to Shelbyville territory.
You can see the local weather at:

Flash flood warnings have been in effect for most of the day in our area and surrounding counties to the south. I expect the rivers and streams to crest at record levels.

I can recall looking out of the basement windows into the sky and seeing debri lifting off of the ground in a slow upward spiral... as if in a vaccuum. Very disturbing. What was odd is that I did not hear any of the trees falling or hitting the ground, as the atmospheric noise of wind, rain and thunder was overpowering. I'm sure we'll have chainsaw pictures in the coming days.

Our house and outbuildings survived the 70+MPH winds that were reported. Our woods... not so fortunate.