Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've been MIA...

hmmm. Seems like only yesterday I was all gung-ho on making my blog so incredibly up to date. Well that went to hell pretty quick didn't it?
so... A month has passed. Since I've last inspired you with my great postings, I've greeted a new logo and branding package for a local business called "MIGHTY DOGS". Located at 127 E. Main, Crawforsville, IN. The whole concept would be great hotdogs from around the nation all under one roof. So imagine you've been to chicago, you go see a cubby game. You get a hot dog... OH MAN! That must have been the best hotdog you've ever had!!! Well, at MIGHTY DOGS you can get the EXACT. SAME. HOT. DOG. No kidding. Same Vienna beef frank, same poppy seed bun, awesome relish, peppers, mustard, dill spear and tomato. No joke. This guy has a great idea going on here. Several regional favorites from around the nation, the chicago dog being just one. You get a dog, and a side for under a fiver. Can you say GREAT!

Anyway, here's the logo I make for MIGHTY DOGS.

and here's the BW version for printing purposes, cause newspapers aren't all color you know.

I also made a menu for MIGHTY DOGS. This was a full scale new business special. I've got table toppers, signage, letterhead, business cards... EVERYTHING for a new business... it's a great deal for the money. It's very helpful that my client is super excited and motivated about promoting his business.

MIGHTY DOGS grand opening flyer was distributed 1 week prior to the opening. There were people lined up around the block for the first day! Most impressive for Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Can't wait to see what the future holds for this entrepreneur.