Sunday, February 17, 2008

One publisher down

Well, It finally happend.

As of Wednesday, February 13th, Randall J Pribble is no longer the publisher of the Journal Review. A Mr. Shawn Smith from Pampa, Texas will come and be our publisher on Monday, February 18th bright and early. (Escorted in by Mr. Phillip Smith, the corporate owner, No relation that I am aware of.) I am wondering if his wife? Kerri will come with him. I'm not sure if Kerri is his wife or not, but she is listed as the current managing editor of the Pampa, Texas newspaper's website.
_________________ UPDATE______________
Come to find out that the newest publisher's wife is Christina- so the other female Smith in Pampa is just a coincidence

Still- Never in my life have I seen such an event wher 80% of the staff has left, been fired or just plain given up on a 150yr plus institution.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

still sweatin'

Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2008- 9:30 indiana time.
Well, had to cancel the dentist visit. Couldn't bring my self to spread the flu to the medical staff there. Going in on the 11th for that. I've been monitoring my fever whenever it wakes me up at night. 4AM during the thunderstorms my temp was back up to 103. Can't wait to see what happens now. Eventually, this stuff has got to burn itself out right?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh Joy! a Sick Day!

Well, Karma must have caught up to me full force this time. Friday, Feb. 1st was the mother of all days. Woke up to 4-6" inches of snow on the ground. Jacobs' School had a 2 hour delay, (which means my extra busy workday at the newspaper just got busier.) I cracked a molar in half trying to eat a 'healthy' special K protien bar, and to top it off, my cough/hack cold that started Thursday afternoon blossomed into something much like the flu when my fever started to rise, then hover around 102.
-great.... just great.

Well, decided that the crew at work could make it without me once I got the weekened and monday classified sections done. Got home around 4PM. Kids got Tomato soup for dinner, their favorite, and I got to lay on the couch. After the kids went to bed at 9PM I went to bed at 9:15!

around 10PM the phone rings, of course, It's my work. I don't remember what it is they wanted, so I assume they figured it out. I just remember being covered in sweat. Fever was up to 103.6! Yay! All night I rolled around in my feverish dream state. I don't think my husband slept with me at all. If he did, I don't remember it.

Woke up on Saturday with a lower fever and more nasal congestion. Even better.

Well, Thanks for the waves of sympathy I can feel rolling my way.

Will let you know how the dentist visit goes on Monday.