Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm gonna burn through the Germann U-boat exhibit at the museum of science and industry... I know, I know.. this was the 'best' part according to my trusted source, John, but I really can't stand modern military history. The only cool part for me at this exhibit were the PR posters promoting local women and men to promote and support the war effort.... Sorry...... I liked the storm exhibit the best :)
The only thing that was really cool about this was how they 'built' this huge amphitheater around this submarine. the time lapse video was great.

Jim and the boys checking out the anchor for the uboat

here's a view from the front of the Uboat

Here's the plaque that tells about the nazi war flag

Here's the nazi war flag that was on the Uboat. The only reason I took this pic was 'cause my friend John collects Nazi memorabilia.

Jacob looking through a periscope.

Judd looking through a periscope.

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The Oracle said...

I have a Kriegsmarine (Navy) war flag just like that one, except mine doesn't have any holes in it and is in mint condition.