Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi ho - it's off to school we go

So. It's Monday again.
I've re-applied to Ivy Tech Community College. It seems your application is only valid for 12 months, then if you don't do anything about signing up for classes, they discard your stuff. SO--- I went throught he entire application process again. This time, I've also registered for their manditory orientation for this Thursday, the 3rd.
Can't wait.

The only problem is that they have my name spelled incorrectly. On everything. the college based e-mail. the registration user name, the login username for their website which is mandetory to use for just about everything.
Instead of a 'G' in my last name, they have it as an 'E'. I recall having to enter my name no less than 3 different times on the online entry form. I'm also certain that I spelled it right each time. Also note that G on the keyboard is nowhere close to the E. entirely different finger strokes.

Hmmm. Suspicious. I do remember last time I signed up for this place I started getting a rash of information to one L. Shillines. I mean tons of spam-y type mail from publishers clearing house, coupon surveys, insurance. You name it. All with this misspelled name. And now- I figured out where it came from. I'm wondering if it is a standard practice of colleges to sell their mailing list. Ironic how They couldn't find any info about me on file, thus the re-application process, yet they now have my name misspelled the same as last year, I'm sure from their database.
If I start receiving crappy mail with this last name again- I'll know for sure.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freedom and liberation

Well, It's been just a few days over a fortnight since my 'liberation' from the Journal Review. I must say- I have had the best time! Other than being bored out of my skull in my own home- It's been all good. I've applied for the local college in order to finish my degree. I plan on starting classes for the summer term. We'll see how many of my college credits from 20+ years ago will transfer over. The visual communications course I've chosen is only offered out of the Indianapolis campus. So commuting will be in my future for the next few years, unless I can opt for online courses. We'll see how that goes.
I've about got the better half conviced that it is imperative we have internet at the homestead. Being on the edge of a ravine, and a 1/4 mile from the road has it's disadvantages. Satellite is our only option right now- it's not reasonably priced at all. 60-80 bucks per month. Ouch. well, at least the motorcycle was paid off this month.
I've also been brushing up on my online portfolio at Behance. You can click the behance ad in the upper right corner for a direct link to my work.

Happy trails! I'm planning on visiting my good friends in Arkansas if at all humanly possible in the first weeks of April. I miss them terribly- and need their morale support now more than ever. Even if it's just playing cards and watching tv. I'm down with that.

Kisses to the universe!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art foolishness3 challenge

A fellow artist, Kelly Barton posts periodic art challenges called
'Art foolishness' on her website. Most recently: create an art piece
with the theme of lavendar, chocolate brown with a few swatches of
plaid. To the soundtrack 'lisa loeb' channel on pandora. Now I've
never heard of Lisa Loeb', but I thought I'd give it a try.
This is what came out from an evening if sketches.

I had thought to make a textured, mixed media piece. But I kindov like
it the way it Is. On old calendar grid paper and all. It ties in with
the 'past, present' thing. Bright ribbons of faith (you choose your
own style of faith and insert it here) are tied into the trees
branches, are woven into the twisted bark and are embedded into the
very roots of this gnarled tree of life.
Some aspects of your faith float proudly, quite pleased to be seen by
any passers by. Other portions of your faith are hidden deep in the
soul. Harder to glimpse as they might be darker than expected.

Till next time universe-


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ohhh yeah.

Yes we can!

Can we make it up the hill?

let it snow - Indiana 'Icepocalypse' 2011

We've encountered a spot of bad weather here in central indiana.
Tuesday was mostly sleet with a nice crust of ice equally about an inch or so of the offending white stuff.
After their day with me at work the boys had fun trying to chip the ice off of the deck railing around the house.

I've also got some pictures from today's commute to work to share:

Above is a view of the road in front of our house- not a plow had touched it in about a day and a half.

Here is the main road, but it was more open to the blizzard-like winds we've been having- creating some visability issues. Not too bad, however. I'm holding out for the drive home to see how the drifting has settled in while I was at work today.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My favorite blogging tool


Lauri graciously invited me to contribute here several months ago. Until today, I couldn’t think of anything suitable to post and felt guilty about not participating. So here’s something that might be useful:

I have no way of knowing, but I suspect most people who use for their blogs, compose their posts within the Blogger online software. That’s what I did for several years before I discovered Windows Live Writer.

It comes as part of a suite of free software from Microsoft called Windows Live Essentials and gives me much more control over sizing and placing images and videos. If you’re using a Windows operating system and want to try it, you can check it out here. The suite also includes Windows Live Mail, which makes it a breeze to manage multiple email addresses.