Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just plain tired of angry beavers

I am so damn tired of being sick.
I am tired of just waiting for the next infection. It's a given than every damn month I will have an infection, possibly two, and in recent months, three. I am just 'holding on' for my 2nd specialist appointment in Indianapolis on the 19th. I was tempted to just call in today, (Saturday) Sick, due to unexcusable self pity. Visit: for more information about why I am so damn *pissed* and frustrated and tired. But I didn't let the pity in until after dinner and just now. Thanks for Listening.

I have had chronic infections for the past 4 years and have been to the doctor (several, in fact) more times than I care to count when finally I stood in the exam room and said "I'M TIRED!" "Fix it!"
This of course didn't make the doctor(s) comfortable, but who cares. I am paying them to listen and treat me.... ME! Not the next freaking patient scheduled that they are anxious to get on the payment books of insurance scam extrodinaire.

Regardless, I am still patiently - (not) - waiting for Wednesday.
Etta James on the I-tunes and a bottle of Great Red Wine, organic, are taking the edge off for now...... So all of you out there with Angry Beavers--- Unite! Drink with me a toast to the death of that Angry Beaver!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An American Idol in Crawfordsville

The folks in Crawfordsville, IN are claiming Luke Menard as their own, as seen by this banner across Main Street today. A gathering of supporters are to meet at the local Crawfordsville High School Auditorium this evening to watch, cheer on and vote for Luke.... Best of luck!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

bowling goddess

I have always thought that my parent' superior bowling genes had bypassed me. I was very surprised to find that they had instilled a bit of those bowling skills into me after all yesterday.
Myself, my husband and my two small boys spent a few hours at the local bowling alley, Taylor Lanes, on Saturday. For the small fee of $19.50, we each got to have those fancy shoes and one bowling game apiece.
I started off with a spare, followed by a strike followed by a spare.. the remainder of my game followed this same basic path with a few open frames mixed in. I was amazed! I had actually broken a 100 during a single game of bowling for a grand total of 143! I was a bowling goddess!

....OK, We did have the bumbers up for the kids... but I SWEAR that none of the good frames used said bumpers... REALLY!