Monday, May 16, 2011

Installation display

Being a graphic designer is great.... but I was once a 'merchandising supervisor' for JCPenney. meaning: I made all the table scapes of neatly folded clothes, dressed and placed mannequins and window displays, as well as signage throughout the local Penney's store. I'm appreciative of what it takes to make a store, or museum as the case is here, look 'good'.

I was drawn to the frosted glass signage throughout the entire museum. The glass had informative text and graphics so you could learn the obvious information about each exhibit- but the secondary bonus to the signage is the visual impact it has in the dim lighting: the ability to see through it- letting you view things mostly unimpeded by the sign itself. There is the most impressive thing I noticed is the shadows the signs threw on the floor. I found it beautiful.

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