Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you and yours. I'm hoping that you all have a
thoughtful, meaningful day filled with the spirit of love and laughter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

leisure time

I've had my fair share of leisure time recently- but I've also been very busy.

I've successfully purged about 4 bags of nonsense from my sewing/crafting corner of the basement. I've purgedabout 12 bags of crap from both children's bedrooms consisting of old and outdated clothes, missing pieces toy sets. broken bits of weird kid stuff and random happy meal plastic garbage.
I've gotten about 4 crates of books ready to donate to the library. (repeat mantra to self - I will NOT be guilty by giving away books, stuff, or anything else that I deem not valuable enough to use at least 2 times a month!)

As a self admitted borderline hoarder I have to tell myself it's OK not to keep every single thing that comes into my house - even if it was a gift. example: I have so many books they won't fit on bookshelves anymore- they are stacked, literally EVERYWHERE! I mean I have a lot of bookshelves. about 8 at last count.... that's a lot of damn books.

so with part of the basement, the living room and the kids room done I now have to tackle my own bedroom of crap- piles of fitness and women's magazines and ill fitting pants that need to just go away- even if i *might* be able to wear them again soon! So many bits of junk like old receipts, clothing tags, old candy wrapper remnants that come out of my coat pocket *god how do they get in those coat pockets anyway? Ooooh yeah- the bits of dusty sweetness from the bottom of my purse at walmart that I crammed into my mouth about a week ago- and the wrappers from the one crammed into my kids mouths also - then repeat every week until a pile land on top of my dresser*

so- all this has to go too.

I now have to wait patiently for the garbage man to take it all away... Must refrain from pilfering through the bags to see if maybe i might need to ... ... ... (see mantra) All this is Perfectly good crap too. I'm amazed that no one wanted to buy it at the yard sale.
So here lies the dilemma... Do I just chuck it into the trash? Do I haul it all to good will? (pain the in trunk and many trips to town option) or do I try to sell it on Ebay? or on ETSY as some fabulous vintage collectors delight?

Hell, any of the above except the trash means it all stays in bags, stashed in the corner of my basement- or in the barn until dooms day...

It. has. to. go.

I'm going to take it directly to the curb. Looters- let's hope you get there first.

Barn boxing!

Thanks to my dear husband for clearing out a space for me in the barn!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Jim at the races

I've come across a picture from last year in my archives of Jim on his brand new Fuji Bike from Rotten Robbies Cycle Sports in Crawfordsville, IN.
Jim is shown here racing at the Indianapolis Velodrome.

Peddle faster!

IRS warns Hoosiers about new E-mail scam

October 22, 2010
INDIANAPOLIS - The IRS is warning taxpayers about a new phishing scam. Phishing, a word play on "fishing" for information, is a scam in which Internet fraudsters send seemingly legitimate e-mail messages to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal and financial information.

Alternately, the purpose of an e-mail scam may be to download malware, or malicious code, onto the recipient's computer when the recipient opens an attachment to the e-mail or clicks on a link within the e-mail. The malware could take over the victim's computer hard drive, giving someone remote access to the computer, or it could look for passwords and other information and send them to the scamster.

The IRS wants Hoosiers to be aware of a recent scam
in which recipients receive an e-mail that claims to come from the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. EFTPS
is a tax payment system that allows individuals and businesses to pay federal taxes electronically via the Internet or phone.

"The e-mail states that tax payments made by the e-mail recipient through EFTPS have been rejected," said Jodie Reynolds, IRS Spokesperson. "The e-mail then directs recipients to a bogus website containing malicious software that infects the intended victim's computer. To avoid the bogus website and malware, do not click on any links, open any attachments or reply to the sender for any e-mail you may receive that claims to come from EFTPS."

"The IRS and the Financial Management Service, the Treasury bureau that owns EFTPS, never communicates payment information through e-mail," Jodie said.

If you receive an IRS related e-mail that you suspect is a phishing attempt or directs you to an imitation IRS website, please forward it to the IRS at You can also visit and enter the keyword phishing for additional information.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Out with the old...

We've revamped the front page of the JR again. This time, with a little thought and reason. As of Oct 1 the front page rail of ads on the left side were done away with, leaving with a more open news hole. All done with a blink of an eye, but our Masthead still needed to be brought back in line... My friends at Ed Henninger's blog were kind enough to dice the front page on the left. The results that came from that appear on the right. This time around I was allowed quite a bit of input on design elements and fonts- white space etc.

I'm pretty pleased with the results. So is the publisher! I'm just waiting see what the gang at Ed's place think of the news.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

HSPA advertising contest 2010

I attended the HSPA advertising awards last night, the Journal Review placed very well again this year.

All in the division B category, circulation of 6,000 - 14,999 daily.

Best Home and Garden
3rd place, Lauri Shillings- Sears

Best Financial Ad
3rd Place, Lauri Shillings, PFC "Spring Cash"
2nd place, Lauri Shillings, PFC "Back to School"

Best Automotive Ad
2nd Place, Lauri Shillings, Horner - "Back to School"
1st Place, Lauri Shillings, Horner - "Coming Soon- Buick Lacrosse"

Best Real Estate Ad
2nd Place, Lacey Wheeler, Linda Walsh- Carpenter realtors "Time is Running out"

Best Fashion and Personal Care
3rd Place, Lauri Shillings, Creek Jewelry "Diamond Remount Event"

Best Entertainment and Lifestyles
3rd Place, Lauri Shillings, Cville Parks & Rec "Yoga Classes"

Best Political Ad
2nd Place, Lauri Shillings, "Re-elect Michelle Cash"
1st Place, Lauri Shillings, "Elect Hal Utterback Sherrif"

Best Thinking Out of the Box Ad
1st Place, Lauri Shillings, Cville Square/Lamar Property Mgmt "Community Fair"

Best Multi Advertiser with a common Theme
2nd Place, lauri Shillings, Downtown Crawfordsville "Eggnourmous Event"

Best Non-inserted Niche Publication
3rd place, Lauri Shillings and Staff for "Montgomery County Cooks"
2nd place, Staff for "Montgomery County Essentials"

Best Non ROP and NON Traditional Product
2nd place, Lauri Shillings, Athena Sport & Fitness insert flyer "Yes You Can!"
1st Place, Lauri Shillings, Journal Review Reader Rewards Card

Best ROP Series or Campaign
3rd Place, Lacey Wheeler, Blue monkey bar "Go Bananas"
2nd place, Lauri Shillings, Muffs & Tails "Holy Cow- that's a loud Muffler"

Best Event Marketing ad
2nd place - Lacey Wheeler, Cville Square/ Lamar property mgmt "Boo Party"
1st Place, Lacey Wheeler, "Taste of Montgomery County"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Flea market wonder

This vintage free flight model air plane still boasted it's small gas
engine and silk and dope airframe covering. Could be a great find for
a collector. It's at Steam Corner flea market south of Veedersburg for
about two more days.

It looks just like you Judd!

Deal if the day at the fleamarket- 4mm letter punches for just 8$. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whine a little!

Howard Hewitt, of Grape Sense blog fame (see a link to his blog on the right) also a noted syndicated columnist on wine tasting, graced a group of fellow wine enthusiasts with a lesson in tasting. We gathered at the Craft House on Grant in Crawfordsville for a private class on Friday evening. I for one learned a little about what makes a wine tasty and to ask a wine merchant you trust to guide you to a good selection. I also learned that you can buy good wine for about the same price as you would pay for mass produced wine at most super stores. The wines tasted were all under twenty dollars- and most in the 13 dollar range.
I think everyone had a good evening. I'm thinking we will have to make a regular event of this. That way we can whine a little at least every quarter!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My son, the snake charmer

And there was pink.

I've admired a local artist here in Montgomery County Indiana for a long while now. She does the most amazing window displays at Chapel Book Store which is across the street from my work. Recently, she's been showing at some local galleries. One being freshly opened at the Athens of Indiana Arts Studio and Gallery.
In a question and answer segment about new artist, they interview Nina Cunningham. She gives her web site as

I've looked through the site and it's not updated recently, but I adore her 'artistic rants' section.

I think you will too.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spending time at the B&N bookstore.

We made a trip to Lafayette on Tuesday evening. Here I am spending time in the children's section waiting on my 2 boys to finish playing with the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' set up they have here.
Jim downloads the most recent update for his iPhone in the cafe, drinking espresso.... I have no espresso.. but am trying not to be sad about it.
We were introduced to the new B&N e-book reader the NOOK. Jim's interested in having a reader of some sort for his upcoming travels. So we spent the time looking at their device. It seems to be OK. I'm not wowed with it. For the 149 for wi-fi version and 199 for the 3G+ wifi version--- I might hold out for a different item. We are going to look into a kindle next. Jim's already played with an iPad- (that B*st*rd -- JUST KIDDING!) so he's spoiled for all else.

I found out about and subsequently downloaded the B&N free e-reader for my iphone while here- I'm going to try to just use my phone. Jim can have all the bells and whistles.
We did find a VERY funny book called "Sh*t my dad says" you can preview it here. SO worth it.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sea Star and pearl necklace

I've been busy in the barn making extraordinary things!

I've found that my recent vacation to the beach has inspired me to make a more relaxed style of jewelry the past month. You can see the results of that here.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spoon and fork rings!

I've been busy in the barn this past week. I've had so many requests for these spoon rings, that I just had to try them. They are exceedingly difficult to create. Due to the different thicknesses in the metal- it bends at different stress points. The thinner the metal, the easier it is to bend, thicker areas, of course, don't bend well at all. Keeping the shape consistent while not obliterating the design is hard, hard, hard.
I've actually made 2 rings out of each 'pickle' fork. I do like the design the handle has made, very heavy with ornate scroll work on the edges, but I'm thinking the fork end is sooo much more unique. It reminds me of a serpent's tongue. I have 4 more of these forks, so I might have to work with that idea. Maybe a bracelet design?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ART with a CAUSE

I've been following this poster project that has artists submitting their posters for a good charitable cause. With the recent natural disasters effecting the gulf, we might have forgotten the trauma that rolled over and crushed Haiti just a few months ago.
Visit The Haiti Poster Project here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictobrowser! Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Get the flash player here:

Friday, June 25, 2010

'Flo' after her first bath

'Flo' barn fresh

We've acquired a lovely vintage boat from Jim's Grandfather, 'Papaw'. He has gifted us with this 'barn fresh' and 'nearly mint' condition 1959 Crosby boat. There is some controversy in our house on whether it is a 'seaquin' or a 'fish and ski' model. Both had similar features, but I've found a blog that has a nearly identical boat here.

We took her home last night after a tug and pull and re-arrange the Papaw's barn effort. And after airing up the ancient trailer tires we were on our way. It Pulls well, and the boat is intact.

TONS of barn dirt were removed with a hose, and the elbow grease of us, and our friends, the Stout family from just down the road. Jim acquired a new battery, some 'lower grease' of some sort- not sure if it's for the original 75 hp Evenrude motor, or for the trailer. He also got a few feet of new fuel line, with appropriate connectors, and engine oil, from Tom's Marine.

We've Nick named her 'The Filthy Whore'. A bit risque, but fitting as she is just that in the photo above.

I'm of a mind to just call her 'Flo'. Like the red haired diner waitress in the 70's- 80's TV sitcom. If I can, I'll post some pics of the original upholstry, it looks just like a 50's diner all red, white with sparkling chrome trim too. Very sharp boat.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pie anyone?

Just one example of the variety of things I can do with the silver plated goodness that I pick up at my favorite antique-y stores. I can make several shapes and they come in all sizes. I'll have 3 at the Craft House this week. Taking orders now!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The latest load of goodies waiting to be made into delightful jewelry!!!

Storm Damage in Indiana

We've had a series of storms come through the area in the last week, creating flash floods with their torrential downpours, and tree damage nearly everywhere. We've had no confirmed tornadoes in the area, but there have been more than one reported home with damage.
Here's a shot of a car on West Main Street in Crawfordsville, IN on Tuesday morning.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

HSPA advertising idea contest

well, I've been trying for 3 days to get our contest submission in the mail. I'm reminded again and again how much or our advertising is so outstanding while making these choices annually. I find ads I've forgotten I've made. I find ads my staff has made and go "WOW!"

Thinking we might at least place this year :)