Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spoon and fork rings!

I've been busy in the barn this past week. I've had so many requests for these spoon rings, that I just had to try them. They are exceedingly difficult to create. Due to the different thicknesses in the metal- it bends at different stress points. The thinner the metal, the easier it is to bend, thicker areas, of course, don't bend well at all. Keeping the shape consistent while not obliterating the design is hard, hard, hard.
I've actually made 2 rings out of each 'pickle' fork. I do like the design the handle has made, very heavy with ornate scroll work on the edges, but I'm thinking the fork end is sooo much more unique. It reminds me of a serpent's tongue. I have 4 more of these forks, so I might have to work with that idea. Maybe a bracelet design?

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