Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spending time at the B&N bookstore.

We made a trip to Lafayette on Tuesday evening. Here I am spending time in the children's section waiting on my 2 boys to finish playing with the 'Thomas the Tank Engine' set up they have here.
Jim downloads the most recent update for his iPhone in the cafe, drinking espresso.... I have no espresso.. but am trying not to be sad about it.
We were introduced to the new B&N e-book reader the NOOK. Jim's interested in having a reader of some sort for his upcoming travels. So we spent the time looking at their device. It seems to be OK. I'm not wowed with it. For the 149 for wi-fi version and 199 for the 3G+ wifi version--- I might hold out for a different item. We are going to look into a kindle next. Jim's already played with an iPad- (that B*st*rd -- JUST KIDDING!) so he's spoiled for all else.

I found out about and subsequently downloaded the B&N free e-reader for my iphone while here- I'm going to try to just use my phone. Jim can have all the bells and whistles.
We did find a VERY funny book called "Sh*t my dad says" you can preview it here. SO worth it.

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The Oracle said...

There's a free Kindle app for iPhone. I have it on my iPod. There are also a whole bunch of free e-books on Amazon.com - public domain stuff, like Mark Twain.