Friday, June 25, 2010

'Flo' barn fresh

We've acquired a lovely vintage boat from Jim's Grandfather, 'Papaw'. He has gifted us with this 'barn fresh' and 'nearly mint' condition 1959 Crosby boat. There is some controversy in our house on whether it is a 'seaquin' or a 'fish and ski' model. Both had similar features, but I've found a blog that has a nearly identical boat here.

We took her home last night after a tug and pull and re-arrange the Papaw's barn effort. And after airing up the ancient trailer tires we were on our way. It Pulls well, and the boat is intact.

TONS of barn dirt were removed with a hose, and the elbow grease of us, and our friends, the Stout family from just down the road. Jim acquired a new battery, some 'lower grease' of some sort- not sure if it's for the original 75 hp Evenrude motor, or for the trailer. He also got a few feet of new fuel line, with appropriate connectors, and engine oil, from Tom's Marine.

We've Nick named her 'The Filthy Whore'. A bit risque, but fitting as she is just that in the photo above.

I'm of a mind to just call her 'Flo'. Like the red haired diner waitress in the 70's- 80's TV sitcom. If I can, I'll post some pics of the original upholstry, it looks just like a 50's diner all red, white with sparkling chrome trim too. Very sharp boat.

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Sandsdiver said...

SO COOL! I love that Flo gets to have a new lease on life! I remember riding it her as a kid...great memories!!! SO FUN! Happy Boating!!