Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whine a little!

Howard Hewitt, of Grape Sense blog fame (see a link to his blog on the right) also a noted syndicated columnist on wine tasting, graced a group of fellow wine enthusiasts with a lesson in tasting. We gathered at the Craft House on Grant in Crawfordsville for a private class on Friday evening. I for one learned a little about what makes a wine tasty and to ask a wine merchant you trust to guide you to a good selection. I also learned that you can buy good wine for about the same price as you would pay for mass produced wine at most super stores. The wines tasted were all under twenty dollars- and most in the 13 dollar range.
I think everyone had a good evening. I'm thinking we will have to make a regular event of this. That way we can whine a little at least every quarter!

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