Sunday, November 28, 2010

leisure time

I've had my fair share of leisure time recently- but I've also been very busy.

I've successfully purged about 4 bags of nonsense from my sewing/crafting corner of the basement. I've purgedabout 12 bags of crap from both children's bedrooms consisting of old and outdated clothes, missing pieces toy sets. broken bits of weird kid stuff and random happy meal plastic garbage.
I've gotten about 4 crates of books ready to donate to the library. (repeat mantra to self - I will NOT be guilty by giving away books, stuff, or anything else that I deem not valuable enough to use at least 2 times a month!)

As a self admitted borderline hoarder I have to tell myself it's OK not to keep every single thing that comes into my house - even if it was a gift. example: I have so many books they won't fit on bookshelves anymore- they are stacked, literally EVERYWHERE! I mean I have a lot of bookshelves. about 8 at last count.... that's a lot of damn books.

so with part of the basement, the living room and the kids room done I now have to tackle my own bedroom of crap- piles of fitness and women's magazines and ill fitting pants that need to just go away- even if i *might* be able to wear them again soon! So many bits of junk like old receipts, clothing tags, old candy wrapper remnants that come out of my coat pocket *god how do they get in those coat pockets anyway? Ooooh yeah- the bits of dusty sweetness from the bottom of my purse at walmart that I crammed into my mouth about a week ago- and the wrappers from the one crammed into my kids mouths also - then repeat every week until a pile land on top of my dresser*

so- all this has to go too.

I now have to wait patiently for the garbage man to take it all away... Must refrain from pilfering through the bags to see if maybe i might need to ... ... ... (see mantra) All this is Perfectly good crap too. I'm amazed that no one wanted to buy it at the yard sale.
So here lies the dilemma... Do I just chuck it into the trash? Do I haul it all to good will? (pain the in trunk and many trips to town option) or do I try to sell it on Ebay? or on ETSY as some fabulous vintage collectors delight?

Hell, any of the above except the trash means it all stays in bags, stashed in the corner of my basement- or in the barn until dooms day...

It. has. to. go.

I'm going to take it directly to the curb. Looters- let's hope you get there first.

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