Monday, July 20, 2009

small space advertising

Ads. Big. Small. Effective.
I realize that most design submissions are for full page ads, full page/ front page designs, or total special section submission and when you look at the 'big picture' you get a much better reader response. But what about all of the small space ads? These are the meat of your advertising core. These are your local mom & pop businesses that need you as a designer to really make a difference. These are your career and life long connections in your community newspapers... You can make a box with words, or, you can make these shine. What are some of the best small space ads you've seen? Are they cluttered? Do they follow the 3 question rule? (What are they selling? Where can I get it? and Why should I get it?) Do they have a good, relevant graphic? Did they use text as art? Things to think about.

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