Friday, July 3, 2009

Raccoon war update

Well, 2 days into the seige on the raccoon invaders, the count is Me 2, raccoons 0.
I must say, I still don't feel vindicated, but I'm starting to feel better. We had the after-work skeet shoot today, and the neighbors came for the entertainment value, and to supply the heavy weaponry for the dispatching. Needless to say it was an *overkill*.
The greedy little critters have cleaned out the 2lbs plus of the rat bait. I have two live traps ready for action now, having been lent one from Jim's dad yesterday. I fully expect to put a tremendous dent on the 'coon population at my house before the end of summer. I also plan on inviting local 'coon hunters out for further seasonal hunting. Right now it is quite simply control of invasive vermin.

I'd say in the grand tally of things since I've started keeping chickens, I am still owed about 15 more coon's to even out the score. Heck, I'd take more.

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The Oracle said...

Sound the Deguello! Take no prisoners!