Sunday, July 12, 2009

Painting inspiraton

I've had a canvas sitting against the wall for about 3 weeks now, just waiting for me to decide what it wanted to be. At first I thought I would paint a barn in a field.. then I thought I would paint a really moody sky landscape. I couldn't bring myself to put the sketch on it for either of these things.... so the canvas sat, waiting.
I was out weeding the flower bed about a week ago, and I was so close to one of my echinacea flowers in full bloom that I was inpired to photograph its fabulous seed head, with it's intricate pattern. I started out with a close up of the one flower, then panned out to capture more of them in the background. I was happy with the image. Right then I decided that THIS was what needed to go on that canvas.... So, I did! I'm nearly done after just 2 days. Yesterday was background work and correction to my original sketch, today I've started laying in the flowers... I am happy with what's come out so far... I expect to finish tomorrow. I'll post pics of the finished piece. Meanwhile, here is the inspiration!

The canvas is quite large. 24"x48" so the foreground bloom will end up being quite huge. I plan on doing 2 smaller companion pieces that could be upclose features of different centers of the same species of flowers....
anyway, that's what I've been doing today.

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The Oracle said...

I'm eager to see it.