Sunday, October 19, 2008

Off bike riding- haiku

Jim's been off to Bloomington area since Friday night riding the Hilly Hundred. I am starting to miss him.

He calls often enough,
to be sure that I haven't left for parts unknown.
I am always here,
to answer the phone.

I just decided that it could be a Haiku with a little work on the second line... I think.. I can never remember the sentence structure. I think it's 7,5,7,7?
whatever. It was something to do for a while.

I start back to work in the morning. Stopped by the JR on Friday afternoon to see what was up with my paycheck as there was nothing deposited. You see, before short term disability starts, I am to use up all available vacation time and sick time. So, last check had a full week of worked ours, a full week of vaction time, hence a full paycheck.

This one should have had at least my remaining 3 days of paid sick time.
NO such thing. My visit with Betty was unproductive as usual- this was my 3rd trip in to get answers about insurance. I asked about the sick days. She refered to some huge hand written manual that said I indeed had 3 days coming to me. And since she didn't submit that sick pay on pay roll for that pay period, It would be 2 weeks, (the next pay period) before I would see the money. (a Month later!!!) So, does that mean I will never get that 2 weeks of short term disablity pay that was coming to me since I 'never' used my paid sick time due to our payroll/HR/Insurance guru not doing her job?

I asked about the short term disability pay, when it would start, what percentage of my wage it would be, etc.... She was clueless. I mean really CLUE-LESS! She asked where I had sent the paperwork to. DUH I gave it to HER! She is my insurance/ HR representative with this company. I am now starting to question if my insurance paperwork was even submitted to the mysterious insurance company.

I asked if there was a phone number, address for the company to contact them to be sure the claim was filed... She looked at me as if i were an addict demanding crack. (oh my, question her ability??? so sorry)
I asked where she sent the paper work for the claim... she says, 'I sent it to the disablity benefits place.' and I asked if we could call them. She says, 'I have a call in to Debbie, (Debbie- mysterious insurance question answer giver) about another matter, I'll ask her about it then.'

ACCKK! I'm just giving up on the JR, those INCOMPETENT BUNCH OF SILLY PEOPLE!

It's little wonder I have updated my resume on Monster, and on Journalism

I have already accepted some freelance work to get the ball rolling, not to mention to get a start on the payment of THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills that need a serious cash influx. (which the JR will never accomplish)
I will start the freelance after Monday, so my 'disablity' will be officially discharged- so I won't be committing insurance fraud by working while disabled. I could have started before the surgery, but I wanted to be sure it was a done deal first.

But if my short term disability claim was never filed, I might not have to worry about it anyway.

Ack. Thanks for listening.

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