Friday, October 10, 2008

Hanging at the library

It's Friday. Jim had the day off and helps get the boys on the bus. I take the time to read for about a half hour and decide to get motivated and get clean. Jim's goes to the gym this morning so I tag along and tell him I am not, in fact, going to the gym to get all buff n' stuff, but will instead go to the libarary to cabbage onto their high speed internet connection!
I finished my 'old lady rhinestone' bacelet yesterday. So that makes a set for someone. I will have to find a box that will hold that much pink bling in, and not blind the postman. I had a generous offer from a good citizen to mail me some more old lady rhinestones for my jewelry making pleasure.
I say, "Bring it on"!
In fact, I challenge you all to an old lady rhinestone repurposing/ recycling effort!
Don't let that much shine go to waste in a dusty, funky, old-lady-smelling jewelry box, NO- make something Kewl out of it!

Let's just see who can make the most Bling-er-iffic thing!

1 comment:

The Oracle said...

Sounds like you're making excellent use of your time off.
And that free library highspeed internet access is pretty cool, isn't it?