Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Monday

Monday has come again to my little home world. This is the first day I have 'to myself' really, since the surgery. Jim is at work, the boys are at school, and I'm home alone. I plan on working on a jewelry design I started 2 days ago. I found an article in the fall 2008 edition of Stringing Making jewelry, bead by bead. A magazine that inspired my to use some of my more dramatic, old costume jewelry in a new way.
So, in my box of dusty hand me down jewelry, I found a pair of beautiful, clip on, pink rhinestone earrings that were missing one back. Still useable for a necklace or a bracelet, just not earrings.
The 50's were apparently a great time for huge, heavy, round earrings. Those ladies could put up with extraordinary amounts of squeezing in order to appear like the perfect housewife hostess! I am incorporating a lot of amber-golds and amethyst in this design. Since I have to focal pieces, (the old earrings) I am going for a necklace, bracelet set. So far I have removed twice the amount of beads and wire than I have left, but I am excited about the outcome.
This piece is 'earmarked' for some one special. Can't wait to put it in the mail!

I have been healing rather well, all things considered. I am really amazed that I don't have more pain. I suppose that I have a good pain tolorance. This surgery, which was completed vaginally, doesn't hurt nearly like a C-section does. I am finding that I can tell when one of the disolving stitches decides to 'pop'. there is a sharp pain, like a sudden twitch and then a 'Ohh' moment. I hope they all give up soon so I can not remember it after a while.
I am so tired around 2pm in the afternoon. I have been trying to keep up on my iron and vitamin tablets to keep me on the path to healing. I forget tho- being busy doing nothing. I remember why I went back to work in 2005, being a 'housewife' is fun for about 6.5 days, after that I am bored to death. Sure I could do housework, but I am limited on my weightlifting to 10lbs. Laundry is a small load at a time going up and down the stairs takes 4 trips/load. Stairmasters- BAH!

My follow up visit for the super specialist in Indy is on November 6th. I will be going back to work on the 20th of October. Just in time to put out a great special section before the end of the month, I'm sure.

Now I need to get ready to go to the elementary school. The boys earned they stardard 6 week awards for homework/ attendance etc. So there is an awards ceremony in the gym. Jacob made high honor roll! He's a great student, but not so nice to his recess buddies. Fighting and throwing rocks gets you not as much allowance, he is learning.

I'm trying to keep you posted as time allows. Have a great day!

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