Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Save me from web changes!

We are currently undergoing a web size change at my newspaper and the small details are driving me absolutely nuts. What pica? What gutter? what size classified classification heading?? well. I suppose I could just hand type each page and it will be faster.


After hammering out all the kinks in our classified section, I left the paper with instructions to call our wonderful tech support folks at Point Click & Drag- More specifically - Tim Harmon. He is staying overnight at a local hotel, hoping no one calls. I expect the newsroom to flip out over all of the changes to their neat organized world. Well, I can't do it all for goodness sake! I did add some very nice touches to our front page, deleting a lot of extra crap and improving the masthead. I hope they don't tear it up too badly.

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The Oracle said...

Sounds like someone needs a vacation.