Monday, July 14, 2008

Indiana Beach

We spend the better part of the day on Sunday at Indiana Beach in sunny Monticello, Indiana Located on the banks of Lake Shafer.
Jim and I argued about the merits of what path to take, 25 North through Delphi, or 43 up through Brookston and over from there. Jim hates going 'My Way' which is 25 up through Delphi.. and prefers the boring, straight route with no scenery to speak of.... Of course, I can't give him directions because he second guesses me and my navigating skills. So, he turns merily onto 25 N with full intentions of going under I-65 and magically being on 43. I ask him... "so, are you going to take 65 over to 43?".
His reply, "I'm on 43".
A minute passes while I digest this....
I ask him, "Do you want to turn up here, heading back to 43?" (Meaning go back to where we started)
I of course could never tell him that he had actually done something wrong. God forbid I correct him. He might take offense at that. So, I let him drive until he sees the sign stating: State Road 25.
He mutters a choice explative and says, "F*&^% it, too late to turn back now..." Getting pretty steamed up at himself for not listening to me.
I rescued the day by making him laugh at himself... "So. While were on 43, looking at all the NON scenery... You want to just keep on 43, not turning around to get on 43 at all?"

Smiling and a little red around the collar, he mutters and keeps on 25.

Jacob on safari at Indiana Beach. I was amazed that the camera on my motorola Rzr would take this picture: Tracking the camera with the subject, keeping subject in foucs, while blurring the scenery.

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The Oracle said...

Sounds like he could use GPS.
I used to love Indiana Beach - my friends and I would go to the teen dances there every week in the summer.