Wednesday, July 23, 2008

CSI- not the cop show

We were sitting down to a fabulous dinner of left-over PIzza Hut carry-out last eve when the phone rings.
Surprise! It's not my work, but my spouse's. They were phoning to let him know that there was a mandatory meeting on Thursday the 24th of July for all employees of the newly (in the last year) created Closure Systems International ((CSI)). A subsidiary/renaming of the RANK corporation who purchased the closure division of Alcoa last fall.

Hmm, A meeting you say, for the whole plant? At the Holiday Inn? They're shutting down the plant for the morning for the meeting you say?

I think Jim's getting ready to collect un-employment. I tend to be a dark Soothsayer, however.


The Oracle said...

Uh, oh.
Wanna be an Arkie?

Sandym said...

I really need to call more what was the meeting about...:(
Sandy & Don