Thursday, July 10, 2008

the angry beaver semi-conclusion and Q's.

I arrived at the Dr's office 20 minutes late due to construction on 465 between I-74 and 86th street. The doctor was not upset however and would see me shortly. Only a bit of a wait and into the exam room I was ushered.

Super specialist was still unsure as to how to proceed with my surgury. She would like to approach my urethral diverticulum
(1.)vaginally, but is not sure she can reach it as it is 'so far back there'. Next she would approach it
(2.) laproscopically via my abdomen... Unless there is too much scar tissue, or she can't find it.. then she would approach it
(3.) via the c-section opening creating a larger insicion and longer healing time....

Each option is a different time off from work.
(1.) about 2 weeks
(2.) about 3-4 weeks
(3.) about 6 weeks

So... She plans to get me in the stirrups and approach it in that order.

AM I the only one who thinks I am going to end up with 3 different surgical openings/scars?
Should I get a second opinion?

I realize that I might be a freak of nature and my case is a bit unusual, however, I think she should have a more clear idea of how to cut me up!
Your opinions and thoughts on this are appreciated.


The Oracle said...

Would Dr. Colonna have an opinion about those options, or is this too far outside her area of expertise?

Lauri Shillings said...

I'm not sure. She is the doctor who treated me for over 4 years without success before coming to the conclusion that I might have to see a urologist...