Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We left for Arkansas and the Flora household on Sunday evening around 9:45 PM we arrived in Paragould, AR around 4AM Monday. Waking John and Maria from a sound sleep. They had anticipated having at least another hour before our arrival. Surprise!
So far we have gone to the nature center, Craighead Forrest Park, and to Sam's club where we picked up the makings for an AWESOME dinner of cajun grilled shrimp, Jim's hommade alfredo sauce with AlDente fettucini. Along with Maria's fresh tomato, basil salad. MMMmmm! the 2.5 bottles of wine we had finished the meal nicely.

We had biscuits and sausage gravy this morning, prepared by by myself. This to make up for the lack of flavor of the local Cracker barrel's 'sawmill' gravy yesterday. I did enjoy the rest of the meal there, but the gravy was pretty dismal. Jacob wouldn't eat it and he ordered only that and a side of bacon. So, I made my special sausage gravy, enjoyed by all.

More updates as the trip progresses. We are currently off to the local mall to pester the kids into shopping for shirts (gasp) and maybe pants.

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