Sunday, October 21, 2007

watched pots really do boil

Well, just like a kettle of rapid fire water molecules, my steam vent flipped out and went off on Friday late afternoon at work.
Being who I am, I was very vocal about it. UNfortunately, to my 'newest' boss. Fortunately, the person whom I was really mad at, and most of the other sales staff, had already left for the day.

Being who I am, I can realistically look back and realize what an ASS I had been to my newest boss, and also realize that I have an apology to make for being said ASS and hope he accepts it.

ARRGGHH. I hate it when I am wrong.

Being who I am, I can now rationalize the real stress in my life on that fateful Friday was not, in fact, the late ad and unwillingness of my co-workers to get their own job done... But, the fact that I really want to take vacation time. Clarification: my husband wants me to take vacation time a teensy bit more than I do. ALSO fact, they are shrugging their shoulders about me actually getting said vacation time.

They owe me. 6 days before Oct 31st in fact. I could go to them and argue that:

A. I have earned it.
B. It is not MY fault that they can't pay associates enough to support a taco bell worker.
C. Hence we can't keep anybody with a better work ethic and intelligence than a taco bell worker.
D. It is not MY fault that they fire key associates when they need them at the most critical times.
E. It is not My fault all my staff are green, but starting to actually 'get' it. (get this, my senior designer? has been there 3 months.-- oh, BTW? it's her first paying design job.) the other 2? yup, their first design job too.
F. well, insert my favorite cussword here. I certainly know how to use it, especially in front of my new boss.

OUCH. excuse me while I go mutter around some crow.

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Shaylan Owen said...

BLEH, I had a couple late ads on Friday, too. I, however, had to leave at noon so I could get ready for the wedding rehearsal in Cville that evening. I was extra crappy about an ad that was two days past deadline.

I dare not say I won't do it, but I do reserve the right to do a crappy job. And you should too!

(It'll be ok.)