Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Montgomery County's best kept secret--- Shhh

During a lunch time excursion with the regular work crowd, we enjoyed a delightful lunch at a local rural eatery called A-Country-A-Fair. Just 8 miles west of Crawfordsville, IN on 32 west, it is a short drive for such wonderful atmosphere.
We had a choice of seating, inside, or on the screned veranda. We chose the veranda. A pleasant breeze blew and the temperatures were mild.
Having been here more than once, I ordered my favorite drink on the menu, Tropical Sangria. Luscious!
the guys, John and Sam ordered cola and tea. Sam ventured to get an appetizer, a flaming greek cheese dish. Served warm and bubbling with side of italian bread slices for dipping. He was nice enough to share.

We enjoyed our appetizer and lunch arrived shortly. I wanted their deliciously seasoned talapia, complete with seared green beans and garlic mashed potatoes. The server was new, but willing to help and pleasant. The management was willing to share a friendly story about her roots in the restaurant biz, and how she traveled from Chicago as a teen, dabbled in the dining rooms in several of the family restaurants and finally landing here in Montgomery County. Over all a pleasant, relaxing experience. The owners family creates all the original art pieces in the dining room and you will find a flair for the eclectic there. By the way, did I mention the home made ice creams?

Today was cherry chocolate chip, and tutti fruitti.
Visit them soon, I'll see you there.


The Oracle said...

Very nicely done. And I only look slightly deranged with the stringy cheese.

Lauri Shillings said...

That's because you are only *slightly* deranged.. slightly, very slightly....