Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Jacob spend most of the day on Monday chasing this 'wonderful' spider around on the southern side of our house. The spider led him on a merry chase for more than an hour before finally standing still for capture.

Poor thing, nearly defense-less at a mere 3.5" across. (Hah!)
Wikipedia describes the wolf spider as:
... members of the family Lycosidae, so named because their method of hunting is to run down their prey. They are robust and agile hunters that rely on good eyesight to hunt, typically at night.

What they fail to mention is that they see soooo well, they jump a foot to the side each time you try to swat it with a broom or stomp it with your foot when it becomes 'feral' and escapes the bug pod.

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Kristy said...

Hope had a large spider who camped every night with a new wed just outside her window. Made her not open it. We purchased the best organic stuff we could find and spent about 5 minutes spraying the sucker before it died. Hope took some really great photos of the deceased specimine but didn't feel like downloading the pictures. It was an orb weaver with long hairy red legs and was at least three inches if not more in diameter. We decided to kill it since it had reproduced and they were taking up residence inside Hope's room. I will have to show you the photos when she gets off her lazy duff.