Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Indiana Mornings, Indiana Days

Sounds like a Mellancamp song.
I have been fascinated with the corn fields this fall. I am going to try to use these crisp colors in more advertising! I adore the pure sky blue and warm tans. The silhouettes of the corn tassles against the sky are so methodical and will dull your eyes if you try to focus on the endless view of them while driving down the road.

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Kristy McDonald said...

I love the corn too, I imagine it is a tall giant running beside the car as we drive by the rows. Looks like long legs running with no body, feet, arms or head. Corn makes me think of Indiana, apple cider (that they don't sell at walmart this time of year) hay rides, bondfires (Now that's a fire) with smores and more cider (mulled) with a stick of cinnimon warmed to perfection. The greatest of memories has to be detaseling popcorn. Not sure how to spell it, guess I am a Dan Quail era student. LOL!