Monday, September 24, 2007

Yeah! Awards: shiny objects are so fascinating

Well the design staff at the Journal Review and myself have done it again. We have pretty much closed out the competition in our division of daily cirulation - 6,000 to 14,999 - with our advertising design ideas. Please note that the other 'paper' in Crawfordsville, Indiana was forced to run in the less than 5,999 daily circulation. Go figure, they seem to tell anyone who will listen that their circulation is MUCH higher than that..... I guess some like to be disillusioned about size......

According to the HSPA (hoosier state press association) We have won Major Awards! (cue the fishnet stocking lamp visuals now...) Shaylan Owen was my lead designer at the Journal Review from spring of '06 until just this last Friday, September 21. (Ironically the day of the awards gala in Indianapolis, Indiana.) Shaylan is going on to pursue a higher wage and an "L-shaped" desk at the Bloomington Herald-Times starting Monday, September 24th. Congratulations Shaylan!

A listing of our accomplishements
The Journal Review took home from the event, including 13 first-place awards.

Best Financial institution/Professional Newspaper advertisement:
2nd place for Athena Sport and Fitness Center, 'leave your old body behind", designed by Lauri Shillings, Sold by Mike Boots
1st place for Nelson Jewelers "As One", designed by Shaylan Owen

Best medical Ad
1st place for Dr. Terri Winn, the Kids Dentist "Braces", designed by Shaylan Owen sold by Heidi Stewart

Best Auto Dealer Ad, Color
2nd place for Etter Ford, "Edge", designed by Melissa Dean
1st place for Duke's Gold Speedway 'Overstocked', designed by Lauri Shillings

Best Auto Dealer Ad, Black & White
1st place for Etter ford, "customer appreciation day" designed by Shaylan Owen

Best Real Estate Newspaper Ad
1st place Remax "We've turned 15", designed by Shaylan Owen Sold by Heidi Stewart

Best Classified Ad (non auto, non real estate)
3rd place for Journal review "night owl" designed by Lauri Shillings
2nd place for Forge Industrial Staffing "job fair" designed by Lauri Shillings

Best Misc. Color Newspaper Ad
2nd place, Nelson Jewelers "Diamonds" Designed by Shaylan Owen
1st place, County Market "holiday" designed by Lauri Shillings, sold by Mark Deacon

Best Misc. Black and White Newspaper Ad
2nd place for Vance Tree Farm, designed by Lauri Shillings, sold by Heidi Stewart
1st place for Overlay Proposal, designed by Shaylan Owen

Best Small Space Newspaper Ad
1st place for Creek Jewelers "journey' designed by Shaylan Owen, sold by Mike Boots

Best Multiple Advertiser Page with Common theme
1st place for "Face of Remembrance' veterans tribute, designed by Lauri Shillings

Best Community Wide Special Section (including progress)
2nd place for 'Montgomery County Directory'- Staff contributing
1st place for 'Side Effects'- staff contributing

Best Targeted Newspaper Special Section
1st place for 'Montgomery County Cooks!'

Best in-Paper Promotion
1st place Shaylan Owen for, 'Candid' photo contest

Best Creative Designer- 5,999-14,000 Daily circulation
3rd Place, Lauri Shillings
1st Place, Shaylan Owen

Best Color Newspaper Ad
2nd Place, Shaylan Owen for Nelson Jewelers "as one"

Best Black and White newspaper ad
3rd place, Shaylan Owen for 'Overlay Proposal'
2nd place Shaylan Owen for Remax "We have turned 15"

So, all I have to say is WOW!
I shall have to wallpaper the other half of my 'cubicle' at work with the awards from this year. That should balance out last years...
I must say, I was pretty surprised at the awards banquet that they kept calling our name. For a minute I was a bit embarrassed by the undue attention we were garnering from the other groups.
- I got over that.


The Oracle said...

That's the most impressive array of awards I've seen in my 40 years of newspapering.
You and your staff did a fabulous dominated the awards because you do brilliantly creative work every day of the year.

The Oracle said...

Okay, so I started a thought and changed direction without backing up far enough. I mean to say:
You and your staff dominated the awards because you do brilliantly creative work every day of the year.
So there.