Friday, April 9, 2010

the Pet-en-L'Air french jacket

This is an example of the French Jacket or the Pet-en-L'Air, a short sack dress. Created from a pattern I adapted myself from Janet Arnolds "Patterns of Fashion" book. Shown worn with hip panniers and new partial bone stays with straps. Currently this design is being demo'd by a local sutler. The jacket is now too big for me. Any buyers? 44" + bust and 38-40"+ waist 9" side. D.A.R. reproduction fabric. This jacket is probably one of my favorites. The fit was nice, and highly adjustable due to the laced up lining that will expand when needed up to 4-6" at the waist. Since I haven't had any buyers in all this time, I think I'll keep it. I'm going to have to dye it a solid dark blue, however, I just don't think the print is quite right for F&I.

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