Sunday, February 17, 2008

One publisher down

Well, It finally happend.

As of Wednesday, February 13th, Randall J Pribble is no longer the publisher of the Journal Review. A Mr. Shawn Smith from Pampa, Texas will come and be our publisher on Monday, February 18th bright and early. (Escorted in by Mr. Phillip Smith, the corporate owner, No relation that I am aware of.) I am wondering if his wife? Kerri will come with him. I'm not sure if Kerri is his wife or not, but she is listed as the current managing editor of the Pampa, Texas newspaper's website.
_________________ UPDATE______________
Come to find out that the newest publisher's wife is Christina- so the other female Smith in Pampa is just a coincidence

Still- Never in my life have I seen such an event wher 80% of the staff has left, been fired or just plain given up on a 150yr plus institution.


The Oracle said...

Sad, indeed.
The Journal Review and its readers deserve better.
We all knew something was horribly wrong when Randy took down the portraits of all of the previous publishers.

Anonymous said...

OMG! WTF! If there is anyone that can deal with a soap opera... You can! You have always been the glue that holds everything together. If I could sew as good as you can I would make you a super mom/woman/boss cape. Don't ever give up. Not even if you have a temp of 500 degrees. (If you did it would be because of the Smith invasion for sure)LOL!!!!