Sunday, March 2, 2008

bowling goddess

I have always thought that my parent' superior bowling genes had bypassed me. I was very surprised to find that they had instilled a bit of those bowling skills into me after all yesterday.
Myself, my husband and my two small boys spent a few hours at the local bowling alley, Taylor Lanes, on Saturday. For the small fee of $19.50, we each got to have those fancy shoes and one bowling game apiece.
I started off with a spare, followed by a strike followed by a spare.. the remainder of my game followed this same basic path with a few open frames mixed in. I was amazed! I had actually broken a 100 during a single game of bowling for a grand total of 143! I was a bowling goddess!

....OK, We did have the bumbers up for the kids... but I SWEAR that none of the good frames used said bumpers... REALLY!

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The Oracle said...

That's almost halfway to a perfect 300! Way cool!