Tuesday, February 5, 2008

still sweatin'

Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 2008- 9:30 indiana time.
Well, had to cancel the dentist visit. Couldn't bring my self to spread the flu to the medical staff there. Going in on the 11th for that. I've been monitoring my fever whenever it wakes me up at night. 4AM during the thunderstorms my temp was back up to 103. Can't wait to see what happens now. Eventually, this stuff has got to burn itself out right?


The Oracle said...

Still running a fever peaking at 103? Maybe you should see a doctor. This sounds kinda scary.

Shaylan said...

There's a nasty virus going around here. I've heard that it's a mutation of another virus. It's hard to get rid of, but eventually goes away. Most people are seeing their doctors for it. Businesses here are sending people home who come to work showing symptoms.