Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh Joy! a Sick Day!

Well, Karma must have caught up to me full force this time. Friday, Feb. 1st was the mother of all days. Woke up to 4-6" inches of snow on the ground. Jacobs' School had a 2 hour delay, (which means my extra busy workday at the newspaper just got busier.) I cracked a molar in half trying to eat a 'healthy' special K protien bar, and to top it off, my cough/hack cold that started Thursday afternoon blossomed into something much like the flu when my fever started to rise, then hover around 102.
-great.... just great.

Well, decided that the crew at work could make it without me once I got the weekened and monday classified sections done. Got home around 4PM. Kids got Tomato soup for dinner, their favorite, and I got to lay on the couch. After the kids went to bed at 9PM I went to bed at 9:15!

around 10PM the phone rings, of course, It's my work. I don't remember what it is they wanted, so I assume they figured it out. I just remember being covered in sweat. Fever was up to 103.6! Yay! All night I rolled around in my feverish dream state. I don't think my husband slept with me at all. If he did, I don't remember it.

Woke up on Saturday with a lower fever and more nasal congestion. Even better.

Well, Thanks for the waves of sympathy I can feel rolling my way.

Will let you know how the dentist visit goes on Monday.

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The Oracle said...

Here comes a wave of sympathy:
We're thinking of you.
The positive side of it is that you may be blowing through all of this bad karma at one time and it'll be smooth sailing after Monday.