Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi ho - it's off to school we go

So. It's Monday again.
I've re-applied to Ivy Tech Community College. It seems your application is only valid for 12 months, then if you don't do anything about signing up for classes, they discard your stuff. SO--- I went throught he entire application process again. This time, I've also registered for their manditory orientation for this Thursday, the 3rd.
Can't wait.

The only problem is that they have my name spelled incorrectly. On everything. the college based e-mail. the registration user name, the login username for their website which is mandetory to use for just about everything.
Instead of a 'G' in my last name, they have it as an 'E'. I recall having to enter my name no less than 3 different times on the online entry form. I'm also certain that I spelled it right each time. Also note that G on the keyboard is nowhere close to the E. entirely different finger strokes.

Hmmm. Suspicious. I do remember last time I signed up for this place I started getting a rash of information to one L. Shillines. I mean tons of spam-y type mail from publishers clearing house, coupon surveys, insurance. You name it. All with this misspelled name. And now- I figured out where it came from. I'm wondering if it is a standard practice of colleges to sell their mailing list. Ironic how They couldn't find any info about me on file, thus the re-application process, yet they now have my name misspelled the same as last year, I'm sure from their database.
If I start receiving crappy mail with this last name again- I'll know for sure.

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