Sunday, February 6, 2011

Art foolishness3 challenge

A fellow artist, Kelly Barton posts periodic art challenges called
'Art foolishness' on her website. Most recently: create an art piece
with the theme of lavendar, chocolate brown with a few swatches of
plaid. To the soundtrack 'lisa loeb' channel on pandora. Now I've
never heard of Lisa Loeb', but I thought I'd give it a try.
This is what came out from an evening if sketches.

I had thought to make a textured, mixed media piece. But I kindov like
it the way it Is. On old calendar grid paper and all. It ties in with
the 'past, present' thing. Bright ribbons of faith (you choose your
own style of faith and insert it here) are tied into the trees
branches, are woven into the twisted bark and are embedded into the
very roots of this gnarled tree of life.
Some aspects of your faith float proudly, quite pleased to be seen by
any passers by. Other portions of your faith are hidden deep in the
soul. Harder to glimpse as they might be darker than expected.

Till next time universe-


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