Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freedom and liberation

Well, It's been just a few days over a fortnight since my 'liberation' from the Journal Review. I must say- I have had the best time! Other than being bored out of my skull in my own home- It's been all good. I've applied for the local college in order to finish my degree. I plan on starting classes for the summer term. We'll see how many of my college credits from 20+ years ago will transfer over. The visual communications course I've chosen is only offered out of the Indianapolis campus. So commuting will be in my future for the next few years, unless I can opt for online courses. We'll see how that goes.
I've about got the better half conviced that it is imperative we have internet at the homestead. Being on the edge of a ravine, and a 1/4 mile from the road has it's disadvantages. Satellite is our only option right now- it's not reasonably priced at all. 60-80 bucks per month. Ouch. well, at least the motorcycle was paid off this month.
I've also been brushing up on my online portfolio at Behance. You can click the behance ad in the upper right corner for a direct link to my work.

Happy trails! I'm planning on visiting my good friends in Arkansas if at all humanly possible in the first weeks of April. I miss them terribly- and need their morale support now more than ever. Even if it's just playing cards and watching tv. I'm down with that.

Kisses to the universe!

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The Oracle said...

Your friends in Arkansas are dying to see you. Maria's parents are coming down the first weekend in April, but the calendar is clear after that.