Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just plain tired of angry beavers

I am so damn tired of being sick.
I am tired of just waiting for the next infection. It's a given than every damn month I will have an infection, possibly two, and in recent months, three. I am just 'holding on' for my 2nd specialist appointment in Indianapolis on the 19th. I was tempted to just call in today, (Saturday) Sick, due to unexcusable self pity. Visit: for more information about why I am so damn *pissed* and frustrated and tired. But I didn't let the pity in until after dinner and just now. Thanks for Listening.

I have had chronic infections for the past 4 years and have been to the doctor (several, in fact) more times than I care to count when finally I stood in the exam room and said "I'M TIRED!" "Fix it!"
This of course didn't make the doctor(s) comfortable, but who cares. I am paying them to listen and treat me.... ME! Not the next freaking patient scheduled that they are anxious to get on the payment books of insurance scam extrodinaire.

Regardless, I am still patiently - (not) - waiting for Wednesday.
Etta James on the I-tunes and a bottle of Great Red Wine, organic, are taking the edge off for now...... So all of you out there with Angry Beavers--- Unite! Drink with me a toast to the death of that Angry Beaver!


Anonymous said...

Time to get your guts ripped out. I would have mine removed but they are only mildly irritating. Since Brian is gone, I don't have to worry about painful sex anymore. I am working on some pain medication from the VA, so I don't have to drink for sex this summer, when we visit. I angry beavered some wine Friday. Woke up in a daze and wondering how two bottles of wine were in the trash. Wont be doing that again. LOL! LYLAS Kris

The Oracle said...

Good luck on Wednesday.