Sunday, November 11, 2007

linguistics and dialect

I am watching a fascinating PBS documentary on dialect entitled "Do you speak English?"

The only reason it paused long enough to watch it is that I Keep having a discussion with my friend Maria who has recently moved to Arkansas of all places. She says certain words now with a definite Southern Accent and seems upset by it. Well, according to this show, she should be upset! It seems she is ruining the spoken language by stretching all those vowel sounds.

Statistically, the majority of Americans consider this area of the united states (the midwest area of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, etc.) or the 'Midland' dialect area to be the MOST CORRECT spoken english in the nation. While the Southern dialect is considered the LEAST proper way of speaking.

Hmmm. Go figure.
So any tahhhm you need ah refresher course ahhn the spoken wurd, come forah visit.

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