Saturday, December 29, 2007

Arkansas At Last!

I made it to Arkansas on the 14th of December. I left after work on Friday to avoid the major winter storm heading into the midwest that next morning. The boys were troopers for the whole thing and were asleep after about 2 hours. Rest stop breaks on the way down were a challenge as they had to get up to get out of the car. Hard to carry both of them and go to the bathroom at the same time. They were understanding, if disoriented, and filed into the bathrooms of the interstate rest areas along the way. Surprisingly, these bathrooms (at least the ones I visited along the way) were some of the cleanest I have ever been in. Cleaner than mine! (which isn't saying much, but quite impressive!!!!)

The kids and I invaded Maria and John's new abode around 2:30 AM indiana time after about 8 hours in the car. The last stretch was carried out in biblical rains that are hard to drive in.

I was sooo glad to see my friends that I realized that the trying midnight trip was worth it!

We visited Maria's work that weekend and had our portrait shot by John in front of the Jonesboro Sun.
As the leadership and moral steadily disinegrates at my current employer, I think the south gets more and more appealing.
How Nahhce!

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The Oracle said...

Your visit was the high point of our December and we can't wait for you to come back.
Your new Arkansas home with state-mandated dishwasher is waiting for you.
John & Maria