Monday, February 2, 2009

Busy Bees Quilting

Well, I've been convinced to create the Kindergarten Class Quilt this year. 19 little Kindergarteners have entrusted me with their sacred 'Bee' quilt blocks and I will have to create a *Masterpiece* for the PTO spring carnival on March 21st.
Not much time to create a masterpiece, but I have been planning since the call came in on Tuesday of Last week.
Here is the 'gameplan' layout I have come up with. All of the BEE blocks are 8"x10" and are on a very thin, cheap type of cloth that isn't 100% cotton. I am going to have to back the blocks with a durable, opaque cloth before starting. Perhaps a cream muslin. I have been supplied with a nice bee theme cotton print that will be used for most of the sashing. (see above picture for an idea of what it's like)

And so, you can see that there are the rectangle 'BEE' blocks set up so that 4 of these makes a larger block that is 20"x20". I will need 6 of these larger blocks to make a complete quilt, but I only have 20 pieces from the class. I have X'ed out the top right 2 blocks and the lower left 2 blocks to leave them as the background/sashing fabric, or perhaps a different quilt block- I thought about the honey bee quilt block... We'll see.
I have chosen purple prints for the 'pinwheel' that is in the center of the 4 smaller rectangles. there will be a solid black center, easing out in value to a dark purple, then a lighter purple, then a 'blender' fabric that has a blue/red circle motif on a yellow-ish background. this blender is the only thing that I'm uncertain about on the design.
Here are the fabrics for the pinwheel.

I also have included a picture of the black fabrics that I am going to use as a binding. I am leaning toward the black ground with white polka-dot circles. I think that when it is used as a 1" binding that only a portion of the circle will show, making a striking graphic edge... I have a few dark grey/black blend fabrics that I can throw in on a few pieces just for fun.

I'll keep you posted as work progresses. I'll try to scan or photograph blocks as I get them done.

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The Oracle said...

Wow! It's gonna be bee-utiful!