Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stud Muffin Bakery

In Pendeleton, In. Home to a wonderful food called kolaches! I recommend you visit here for this alone! These are a wonderful yummy large yeast roll, stuffed with goodies, then baked so it looks like a big roll when you get it. Mine had slices of little smokies sausages and a handful of cheddar cheese inside! MMMMM!
The story behind the name is 2 high school buddies wanted to start a bakery business when they got out of school, hence the name. Quite catchy. I would love to do an advertising campaign for them. I can imagine a dark photo studio, with direct light creating a bit of a harsh shadow. Using Super cut, buff male models and they have this tempting food on their abs or something... Yum!

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The Oracle said...

Wow! That's almost as edgy as Beaver Liquors in Avon, Colo., just off I-70 west of Vail.