Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin- Action Hero

After browsing through some of my favorite blogs this a.m., I ran across this posting on the E&P blog site at:
and then there was a follow up about remarks made by Palin at this site:

Good stuff!- I await your political slam backs!


The Oracle said...

I never slam people I like, no matter how out of synch our political views may be.

Shaylan said...

I generally don't discuss politics with friends unless we're likely to agree more often than disagree. In this case, I think our cynicism is aligned, but still. :P

It might be considered socially lazy or weak to refuse to discuss politics with friends with whom we disagree, but what are the chances that either mind would change his or her opinions? Not likely considering my friends tend to be steadfast in their beliefs.

For example, I think I'd rather enjoy several glasses of wine with John and Maria than discuss politics. :D

Lauri Shillings said...

OH! I love wine even more than comic relief at politicians' expense!
You realize that I would post the same about any candidate- no matter what my personal political beliefs are. I enjoy the farse of the 'action figure', and the pop culture that we now live in that allows such things.