Wednesday, September 17, 2008


For those of you who are interested, here are the complete list of HSPA awards that our design department won on the 12th of September, 2008
Best Home Furniture Ad-
2nd place, Danny McMurray, for Home Furniture "quality furniture"
Best Misc. Color newspaper ad-
2nd place, Lora Patton, for Creek Jewelers "holiday"
1st place, Lauri Shillings, for Dari-licious "banana split"
Best Misc. Black and White newspaper ad
2nd place, Lora Shanks for Moondance Cafe "coffee"
1st place, Danny McMurray for Zahn's floor covering "we're everywhere you walk"
Best Small Space Newspaper Ad
2nd place, Lauri Shillings for Davidson's Greenhouse "orchids"
Best multiple advertiser page with a common theme
1st place, Lauri Shillings for Veterans day tribute "Lest We Forget"
Best Non ROP and Non Traditional Products
2nd Place, Entire Staff of the journal review for 'To Your Health'
1st Place, Entire staff of the Journal Review for "Essentials" things to see and do in Montgomery County
Best Creative Designer in the state for 6,000-14,999 division
2nd place, Lora Patton
1st place, Lauri Shillings
Best Black and White Newspaper advertisement overall
Danny McMurray for Zahn's Floor covering "we're everywhere you walk"

I'm so proud of my design group!!!!


The Oracle said...

Damn! You set a high benchmark for the editorial side to match in December.
Or did they even enter this year?

Lauri Shillings said...

I don't think they ever entered. Jay said he simply didn't have the time... Imagine that.