Saturday, June 7, 2008

stormy weather

Recent tornatic weather in Indiana did not spare my property on Friday.
We have 7 trees down on the immediate property and 2 more in East edge of the pond. The Dam seems to be holding up well.
Over 2 inches of rain has fallen in our immediate area. Up to 8 inches to the south of us in the Terre Haute to Shelbyville territory.
You can see the local weather at:

Flash flood warnings have been in effect for most of the day in our area and surrounding counties to the south. I expect the rivers and streams to crest at record levels.

I can recall looking out of the basement windows into the sky and seeing debri lifting off of the ground in a slow upward spiral... as if in a vaccuum. Very disturbing. What was odd is that I did not hear any of the trees falling or hitting the ground, as the atmospheric noise of wind, rain and thunder was overpowering. I'm sure we'll have chainsaw pictures in the coming days.

Our house and outbuildings survived the 70+MPH winds that were reported. Our woods... not so fortunate.

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The Oracle said...

Wow! We're very relieved you came through it unscathed. This has been the scariest spring - weatherwise - that I can remember.
We're baking in the high 90s with a heat index above 100.
And it's not even summer yet.
At least you'll have plenty of firewood.