Sunday, April 20, 2008

Angry Beavers II- Update

Well gang,
As of Friday, the 18th- the 2nd super specialist based out of Indy hadn't called with my MRI results. So I called them again. The 'nurse' at the office mentioned yet again, that 'I can't release the results to you until the Dr. reviews it and Ok's the release of your findings... I believe I told you that yesterday...."
I then ask, "When will the Dr. be in to review my results, Since you have had them since Yesterday afternoon?" (as in, thurs. the 17th)

She replies, "That would be Tuesday... The Dr. is only in the office 3 days a week, and that does make passing on information difficult at times..."

I then think to myself... If I were only working 3 days a week? Would I still be employed?

Not discouraged, I immediately call my main practitioner and speak to the receptionist on duty 'Tammy'.
I was DELIGHTED to here her voice answer the phone... she and I have known each other for about 15 years. Have gone to the Bahamas together, and since then gotten married and started families and moved apart, but remain on friendly terms.....

"Tammy, I still owe you lunch already (for previous favors), and if you can help me out- I will then owe you a bottle of wine!!!"
To which she replied- "That Sounds Nice!"

Needless to say, my MRI results had been copied to my local primary care DR. and hence, were now in my Hot little hands, thanks to Tammy.

I apparently do have an 'abnormality' about 21x18x20mm in size consistent with a noncommunicating diverticulum to the left of my urethra.
ALSO: mulitiple smal cysts in left ovary . Largest cyst measures 12mm.
ALSO: mentioned is a vaginal cyst or abnormality....

well, Not unexpected. I knew it was an angry beaver. I am just glad that finally, finally there are some answers and I can now proceed with a recovery plan....

I will let you all know more when the 'super specialist' Dr. is back in the house.... On Tuesday.
(Ya suppose they went golfing all weekend?)
I was stuck with laundry and raking the leaves out of flower beds.

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