Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A long holiday

I've been taking a long holiday from my blogging. I've had so much to do!
I was terribly ill over Giftmas with a flu bug- but that soon passed and the New year was upon me. I survived another trip round the sun with no problem. I celebrated with my family, a close friend and her 2 children and one of my husband's good friends, Chris. He's my hubby's 'Barn Buddy' they go to the barn and do man stuff to trucks, while drinking utility beer.

I received a great gift from John and Maria on the 12th day of Christmas... It was a hand stamped box which you can read about John's stamps here.
And a lovely quilted table runner that had chicken's on it! It matches my kitchen perfectly and now holds a spot of honor on the kitchen table.

I've increased my BeHance portfolio recently. I thought it would be best to try to keep up on the old portfolio. If you don't save the files while you work- you tend to forget what you've been working on. Behance also gives me a chance to look at my work as a progression. A critique if you will of where my design style has been- and where it's going.

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Brady said...

Man, the flu is horrid! Hope you're doing alright. Eesh. I feel bad just thinking about the last time I had it.

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